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A FleetLocum is a highly experienced and referenced vehicle fleet management professional with a minimum of 5 year’s experience managing vehicle fleets in B2B environments.

They carry a proven track record and you can hire them on or for:

  • Day-to-Day/Monthly/Annual/Permanent basis
  • Maternity or Paternity Cover
  • Project Management (RFP or fleet audit)
  • Long-term absence due to illness or an accident
  • Workload increase due to seasonal demands
  • Merger & Acquisition activity

Want to


Utilise your fleetlocum

Help you build and deliver a cost effcient / fit-for-purpose Corporate Mobility / Fleet policy and help you update on an as-required basis.

Complete a Duty-of-Care audit and policy implementation.

Assist your procurement team in the evaluation of a fleet management RFI/RFP and where necessary oversee the implementation of your preferred option.

Reduce the cost of expensive Management Consultants whose experience/knowledge of the fleet environment is ‘sketchy’.

Manage key components of your fleet vehicle supply chain – so you can focus on the strategic options.

Your Fleetlocum is an independent, efficent and unbiased resource

Keep your Directors out of the courts.

Deliver cost control and efficiency to your exact specification. Keep your vehicle fleet supply chain on a short ‘leash’. Bring all the service/cost components of corporate mobility under a single control factor – for ease of audit and instant review.

Be a performance employee with a proven track record and demonstrable results.

Be a perceptive person who can adapt quickly to new environments and deliver results within a short time frame. Be immediately available.

Call on the resources of the FleetLocum support team to assist in every eventuality.

Your fleetLocum´s characteristcs

Determined; this is essential because there must be sufficient experience and empathy to be able to tackle a new project every six to nine months.

Engaging; the selection process for interim positions is more stringent and focused than the standard recruitment process within companies. Our interim manager can make quick contact and gain confidence in his/her new work environment.

Urgent; focused with the insight to quickly see what’s going on in a totally unfamiliar environment. S/he must be able to analyse, develop and deliver solutions on time and within budget.

Communicative; s/he needs to be at ease with transition and a regular change of organisational culture. Possess strong communication skills and can function both independently and within a team.

Your permanent Fleetlocum

Your FleetLocum is independent. Therefore, it is possible that in consultation with FleetLocum, they can be permanently employed at your company.

If you need temporary support through a secondment or interim arrangement our existing team of in-house FleetLocum support could be a more appropriate solution.


A growing number of businesses look at the vehicle and corporate mobility management requirements on a global basis and as that demand grows

FleetLocum has extended it's business operations to meet the requirements of it's customers in:

  • Ireland
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany


Your FleetLocum is not on their own – they are a part of an experienced team as well as a growing operational community – to ensure every customer has access to the best brains available.

Because every FleetLocum must be current on all legislative issues that govern the use of motor vehicles in the workplace, BIK taxation issues, environmental matters, insurance and accident related events, vehicle rental, the growing use of integrated benefit packages, car sharing, integrated travel and all fleet related demands – it follows that your FleetLocum is both trained and supported by a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals.

If you would like your fleet and travel professionals to be a part of the FleetLocum community – we’d be more than willing to explore a way that will work for both they and you and welcome them to the FleetLocum team.

About Us

FleetLocum is totally independent of all external automotive, travel, banking/finance and insurance influences and can justifiably provide your business with an unbiased and structured management strategy. It can go one stage better and do it for you.

The FleetLocum management team has a combined 53 years of experience – past and present – so you get a balanced proposition. With access to every service you will ever need to own, manage or operate vehicles in every major European market – you have your own dedicated resource to guide, manage and protect your assets – when and wherever you need them.

FleetLocum is a privately-owned business whose Directors work in the business to make sure they are in constant touch with the changing face of corporate mobility and its impact on the client’s workforce.



Do you know that if your turnover is between £2M and £10M and one of your company’s drivers caused a fatal accident while undertaking a business journey – your company could be fined a staggering £2.8M (if found guilty) under the Corporate Manslaughter Act? Even if your turnover is up to £2M – the fine could be as much as £800,000.


It doesn’t stop there – under the Health and Safety at Work Act a company director could be jailed – and they have been in recent years. Add to that – the cost to your company’s reputation – not to mention the victim’s family.


The company Fleet Manager is a ‘dying-breed’ as businesses focus their resource budgets on core-activity - s/he is deemed to be an expensive luxury – do you? Many businesses – take the view that outsourcing their second or third most expensive business cost to a leasing company ticked their Duty-of-Care responsibility box! It doesn’t come close as it conflicts with their vested interest to sell you more services, cars, finance etc.


Despair not – there is a solution where you can make use of a professional Fleet Manager as and when you need one – it’s called a FleetLocum – yours when you need her/him – ours when you don’t.


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